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13- 18

Ready for the Summer that will surely define your teen-hood?!

So are we. Forget the stunning locations worldwide, the networking with other teens from across the globe, or the endless activities and events - we've created specially designed programming just for you. College resume worthy programming! And that's just the cherry on top!




Leaders in Training

The crew that runs camp through and through. This unique program is for ages 15 - 16, and along with all that camp has to offer, explores themes of leadership and community leading.


Counselors in Training

 This program is for ages 16 - 17, and brings participants along for an intro to counselor-hood. These CIT's follow their own schedule. 



Junior Counselors

Just before you're ready to take the plunge, experience all the fun of being a fully integrated part of the staff, but with so much more. Consider it the Kimama internship - with benefits!

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