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16 - 17

The CIT program is an educational training and leadership program based on  expanding self-confidence and social and moral skills in a fun and exciting way. This  experience has goal of deepening the relationship with Kimama and developing the  mentoring and leadership skills of tomorrow's instructors. 


Examples of what the campers will experience: 


1. "KIMAMA TED" - Similar to a TED talk on the Internet. Each trainee chooses  a topic to about in front of the rest of the group for five minutes. The camp’s  director and the head of tribes will come to this event to give the campers the  confidence to speak in front of a large audience. The team then sits down with  the apprentice and gives them feedback for improvement. The trainees learn  about delivery and training techniques, plus how to criticize their friends in an  honest and helpful manner. 


2. Banquet Production - CIT campers will be in charge of the production of the  camp's graduation party by taking on different roles and executing the event.  The goal of this is to teach the trainees to work together, make decisions and  produce an event from the concept thinking stage to its operation on the day of  the event. 


3. Building and leading activities for the younger tribes in the camp.


4. Volunteering - last year CIT campers volunteered for a day with children from  “House of Wheels.” They did activities and spent time with the children,  teaching them empathy and acceptance. 


5. “Personal Identity” Workshop - the campers get the chance to ask  themselves internal, important questions. What drives me, what is important to  me, which meaningful experiences have made me who I am today, what do I  want to be when I grow up, and so on. The workshop will help the campers find  their direction, deepen their understanding of themselves and develop a  broader outlook on others.


6. Leadership Workshop - the campers will learn the technicalities of leadership  such as body language, tone, eye contact and more. The workshop will  strengthen their ability in leadership as well as confidence. 


7. Captains in the Maccabiah - the campers will have the opportunity to be  captains in the Maccabiah competition at camp. They will experience  leadership during the best day in camp! This will give them a sense of  responsibility and help build confidence. 


8. Our activities also focus on educational and social issues such as climate  change, gender equality, verbal violence, cyberbullying, personal space and  more. The campers learn to talk respectfully, to develop a broad perspective  on many issues and formulate an opinion. 


As part of the program, the trainees will go on a three-day trip that varies from year to  year. This trip is unique to CIT campers, it is a longer and more focused trip, invested  in bonding, learning how to work as a group and getting to know each other better. All  of this plus dealing with challenging activities and preparing food outdoors! 


The participants will also have the opportunity to gain independence and decision  making skills by accompanying the counsellors in choosing some of the activities  during the trip. 


The cherry on the top of the whole program the special Kimama atmosphere that stays will all of us! 


The campers will of course participate in the normal Kimama activities, such as surfing,  dancing, cooking, art and yoga. They’ll participate in morning sessions, go to the pool  and do all the things they did in Kimama in the past - just a little more and a little  different.


Former CIT's usually say after the camp that the CIT year was their most  significant and enjoyable year. They enjoyed the content and the opportunity to be the  role models in camp. 


And one last thing - participating in the program opens the opportunity for CIT  graduates to become junior counselors the following year (JC) and maybe even young counselors two years later (YC). 



What else can we say? CIT is the best!!

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