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New Jersey

On this page, we’ve gathered questions and answers that came up over the course of information sessions held in advance of Camp Kimama-Bereisheet.

We’d be pleased to answer any additional questions sent to 


My children don’t speak Hebrew, can they still participate in the camp?

All participants at Camp Kimama-Bereisheet must understand the Hebrew language, since activities at camp take place solely in Hebrew.  Campers who haven’t mastered the language could find themselves daily in situations in which they don’t understand what’s going on at camp.  This is an unpleasant feeling, both for the camper and for the group, and we hope to avoid this.  The team of counselors follows all camp policies and procedures, and this is done in Hebrew only.

Is the pool heated?  What is the maximum depth of the water?  And are there restrooms and showers on-site?

The swimming pool at camp is a half-Olympic sized pool, which is chlorinated and not heated and is intended for children’s summer camp swimming.  The depth of the water begins at 3.6 feet and goes up to a depth of 7 feet.  There are changing rooms on site (including restrooms and showers).  Towel service is included. 

Are there air-conditioned areas within the campground?

Most camp activities take place in open fields and in nature among the trees, gazebo, and under canopies.  There are two air-conditioned areas which are suitable for 

activties and we use them as needed.

In which areas of camp are restrooms located and what level of facilities are they?

Throughout the camp grounds there are 3-4 bathrooms, including in the area in which we conduct our activities in the auditorium (shows, ceremonies, indoor activities), as well as in the swimming area.

What security arrangements are made for the camp grounds during camp sessions?

The camp has a single entrance, which means we have full control over vehicle and pedestrian traffic into and out of camp.  During activity periods, entrance will not be allowed without advance coordination with the camp director.  There is a local guard who patrols the camp throughout all activity times to ensure that unauthorized individuals are not found within the camp.

How many camps take place in parallel along with ours on the camp grounds, and how many children in total will be on the camp grounds?

The camp grounds are massive in size and are divided into different regions and separate areas, distributed around the total area.  In parallel to Kimama Bereisheet, a U.S. Scouts day camp will be taking place in which about 50 campers will participate.  Additional camps may also be located on the grounds, for two- or three-week periods throughout the summer.  In any event, the number of children on the camp grounds at any one time will never exceed 300.

What rainy-day activities are available?

In the center of camp there is an indoor activity center in which activities and games are held such as:  climbing wall, movies, shows, dancing, social games, and more.  Additionally, we’ll participate in indoor activities outside of the camp grounds, such as: movie, bowling, museum, go-karts, and more.

What is the distance from the center of camp to the pool and the covered areas?

All camp activities are located about 5 minutes’ walking distance from the covered central area of Kimama-Bereisheet.

Are the camp grounds sprayed against mosquitoes / other insects before campers arrive?

A number of treatment activities are carried out in the Kimama Bereisheet camper activity areas.  Nevertheless, we request that parents apply mosquito-repellant bug spray or cream.



Alpine, New Jersey


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