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“skiing is the next best thing to having wings”


It’s going to be a wild and unforgettable week: skiing, snowboarding, tours, social activities, and extreme sports with friends from Israel and all over the world, along with the most experienced Camp Kimama counselors.

Since winter 2007, every year, we have been flying out to Skimama Hanukkah in the Austrian Alps. This year is going to be even more wild and unforgettable than ever before. Around 150 Kimama campers will spend time together on the Alps learning how to ski (each according to their individual ski level, suitable for Beginners to Advanced). Activities include: ski, snowboard, tours, social programs and extreme sports with friends from Israel and all over the world.


The camp will be held under close supervision of Kimama’s experienced and trusted counselors, together with the local licensed team of English-speaking ski and snowboard instructors. The camp is open to campers in grades 1-12. The number of spots for campers are limited. So register quickly to not miss out on your spot!


The Program

Skimama has 150 new and returning Kimama campers and over 20 staff members (who are over the age of 23 and include our best counselors and management team). The program consists of five full days of skiing (morning to afternoon) and a day of touring a nearby town. Each day, after the skiing session is over, campers go back to the hotel, shower, and get ready for Kimama’s social activities – special night programs, a tour of the nearby village, Kabbalat Shabbat, sports competitions, movies, a trip to heated pools and more!


Skimama Staff
The Camp Kimama management and the most experienced counselors from past summers will be joining Skimama. All staff was carefully selected by the Kimama management; The team consists of senior counselors (who have been with Kimama for at least 2 years) that are between the ages 23-30. These are our finest counselors and they are sure to give your children an experience of a lifetime. The staff will be with the campers 24 hours a day. In addition, to being with the campers for the ski sessions during the day, the Kimama staff will hold social and educational activities in the evening. During the ski hours, professional local ski instructors will join the group for their training.


Five full days of skiing
One day trip
And endless activities around the clock
See you there!


The Ski Resort
Our ski activities take place at Bramberg ski site in Austria. The site is right on the doorstep of the hotel (ski-in ski-out) and has a variety of ski slopes, however, is at the same time small enough to allow for campers’ proper supervision, safety and security. We are also 10 minutes away from Innerkrems site, so we always have the option to go there and give our campers a change of scenery.

Ski Levels and Lessons
The campers are divided into three levels (Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced), separately for skiing and snowboarding activities. Each ski group is made up of around 10 campers each with one ski instructor and at least one Kimama counselor. Our experience has shown that during the week all campers move up at least one level.


The professional ski instructors are employees of the ski site, and all instruction takes place in English. However, every ski group will have a Kimama counselor accompanying them throughout the activities who will translate and assist for anyone that needs.


Skimama is great for all ages in grades 1-12. Campers are divided into age groups for their social activities and rooms. The ski groups are made up by levels of ability, therefore there may be campers from more than one age group, as the camper’s age doesn’t necessarily indicate their ski level.

Equipment and Gear
The fee includes the rental of the following ski equipment : Skis and Poles or Snowboard, boots and helmet. All other ski clothing and equipment (ski suit, gloves goggles etc) is not included in the price. Kimama will supply you with special coupons for leading ski gear stores in Israel. Once you register, we will send you the coupons and a recommended packing list. The packing list can be found above in the “Information for Registrants” section.

Kimama are exclusively hiring a wonderful hotel located right outside the ski site. It’s a large and amazingly beautiful ski lodge reserved solely for Camp Kimama campers. Campers will have a room that sleeps from two to six campers (boys and girls in separate rooms). Each room has its own bathroom and shower, heating, towels and many other hotel services. The lodge has several recreation rooms for activities including, televisions and computers. It also has a lovely dining room, a game room (ping-pong, table hockey, etc.), a sports center and more.


Food and Drink
The food at Skimama is “Kosher Style”.
Skimama provides three meals a day: Breakfast at the hotel, Lunch at the restaurant on the ski site and dinner either at a local restaurant or at the hotel. Both Lunch and dinner will be hot meals. Water will be available at all times; everyone will get a water bottle before skiing as well. Before bedtime, there will be cookies, fruit, hot chocolate or tea.
This year, our own private Israeli chef will be joining us to prepare us a rich and diverse menu suitable to individual dietary requirements.

safety & security

A doctor, medic and a security guard will accompany our group in all activities, both at the ski site and the hotel.


The security guard will accompany the campers throughout the day.


The doctor and the medic will accompany the campers throughout the day. They will take care of all campers health requirements.



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