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Why should I choose camp kimama?

There are plenty of reasons to make this choice! Camp Kimama provides a great opportunity to build close international friendships with Jewish teens from all over the world and Israel in a beautiful, warm, friendly, protected environment. At camp kimama the children always come first!


My kids do not speak Hebrew, will they get along at Kimama?

Yes, easily! Our camps are international and are run entirely in English and Hebrew. By the end of the summer every camper speaks or understands a little bit of both…

Who are the staff? Are they “checked out?”

The staff at Camp Kimama is one of the primary reasons children return year after year. Our staff members are 21-30 years old and are experienced counselors and educators, whom have worked in summer camps in the U.S. and Canada as well as “Israeli shlichim,” who are hired after an intense screening process. Additionally, all staff members go through a week long intensive training and leadership course prior to starting camp.

How Jewish is Camp Kimama?

Kimama was created to encourage international Jewish connections where campers come from different Jewish cultural backgrounds. Judaism is instinctively infused into our programs and activities. For example, our community service and leadership programs involve activities based on the Jewish ethic of “Tikkun Olam: (fixing the world) and leadership simulation games are based on stories from the bible as well as Jewish and Israeli history.
The kitchen in Kimama is completely kosher. Before every meal we say the “Hamotzi Lehem” blessing and after every meal we say the “Birkat Hamazon” blessing. We celebrate Shabbat services, yet we do use electricity and speakers, and we celebrate Havdallah too. Kimama is not a religious camp, yet we allow each of our campers to practice their faith as they wish, making Kimama so special for each camper.



Are there different activities for each age group?

Yes. Our program is designed so that all campers experience most of the activities we offer such as sailing, kayaking, speed boating, martial arts, theater, music, dance, soccer, basketball, arts & crafts, nature crafts and more. All campers can participate in leading our kabalat shabbat. As campers grow and continue to return to kimama, they get to participate in activities created for their age group, which they did not take part in before. The educational topics we deal with are different for each age group as well.

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